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  Murray County Public Schools

Division of Instructional Support Services

1004 Green Road, Suite A, Chatsworth, GA 30705 Phone:  706-695-2252 Fax:  706-695-3289

Our Mission

Murray County Schools instills within our students the desire to learn, to graduate from high school, and to become productive citizens.



Dr. Jill Rogers 706-695-4531  Extn: 6084
Director of Exceptional Student Services Email Dr. Jill Rogers
Stacey Martin 706-695-2252  Extn: 6089
Executive Assistant Exceptional Student Services Email Stacey Martin
Lisa Winters 706-695-4531  Extn: 6091
Exceptional Student Services Specialist Email Lisa Winters
Teresa Gallman 706-695-4531  Extn: 6085
ESS - Records Monitor Email Teresa Gallman
Suzanne Hollingsworth 706-695-4531  Extn: 6087
ESS - Enrollment Clerk Email Suzanne Hollingsworth
Jennifer Mosteller 706-695-4531  Extn: 6086
Diagnostician Email Jennifer Mosteller
Jennifer Cook
School Psychologist Email Jennifer Cook
Misty Donahoo 706-695-4531  Extn: 6081
School Psychologist Email Misty Donahoo
Gaye Garrett 706-695-4531  Extn: 6080
School Psychologist Email Gaye Garrett
Meridith Ellington 706-695-2262
Northwest ESS Lead Teacher Email Meridith Ellington
Crystal House 706-695-1115
Bagley ESS Lead Teacher Email Crystal  House
Shalina Jackson 706-517-5213
Woodlawn ESS Lead Teacher Email Shalina Jackson
Karen Jones 706-695-2434
Chatsworth ESS Lead Teacher Email Karen  Jones
Dalyn Lusk 706-695-1414
Murray County High ESS Lead Teacher Email Dalyn Lusk
Andrea McAllister 706-695-2434
North Murray ESS Lead Teacher Email Andrea McAllister
Andria Sheram 706-695-7448
Gladden ESS Lead Teacher Email Andria Sheram
Nikki Tallent 706-695-0888
Coker ESS Lead Teacher Email Nikki  Tallent
Stephanie Whisenant 706-695-3207
Eton ESS Lead Teacher Email Stephanie Whisenant
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P. O. Box 40 | 1006 Green Road | Chatsworth, GA 30705 | Phone: 706-695-4531 | Fax: 706-695-8425