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  Murray County Public Schools

Division of Instructional Support Services

1004 Green Road, Suite A, Chatsworth, GA 30705 Phone:  706-695-2252 Fax:  706-695-3289

Our Mission

Murray County Schools instills within our students the desire to learn, to graduate from high school, and to become productive citizens.



The Murray County School System is responsible for locating any children that may have a disability or be in need of special education services in our school district and community, including those attending private school or enrolled in home-school instruction.


If you have any questions, please contact Paula Martin, Special Education Director, at (706) 695-4531.



Stephanie Brown, Exceptional Student Administrative Assistant


Paula Martin 706-695-4531
Director of Exceptional Student Services Email Paula Martin
April Stafford 706-695-2525
Spring Place ESS Lead Teacher Email April  Stafford
Lisa Winters 706-695-4531  Extn: 6091
Exceptional Student Services Specialist Email Lisa Winters
Teresa Gallman 706-695-4531  Extn: 6085
ESS - Records Monitor Email Teresa Gallman
Jennifer Mosteller 706-695-4531  Extn: 6086
Diagnostician Email Jennifer Mosteller
Jennifer Cook
School Psychologist Email Jennifer Cook
Misty Donahoo 706-695-4531  Extn: 6081
School Psychologist Email Misty Donahoo
Gaye Garrett 706-695-4531  Extn: 6080
School Psychologist Email Gaye Garrett
Samantha Burt 706-695-4531
Lead Nurse Email Samantha Burt
Joslyn Nash
Bagley ESS Lead Teacher Email Joslyn Nash
Karen Jones 706-695-2434
Chatsworth ESS Lead Teacher Email Karen  Jones
Nikki Tallent 706-695-0888
Coker ESS Lead Teacher Email Nikki  Tallent
Stephanie Whisenant 706-695-3207
Eton ESS Lead Teacher Email Stephanie Whisenant
Andria Sheram 706-695-7448
Gladden ESS Lead Teacher Email Andria Sheram
Rebecca Quast 706-695-1414
Murray County High ESS Lead Teacher Email Rebecca  Quast
Andrea McAllister 706-695-2434
North Murray ESS Lead Teacher Email Andrea McAllister
Brook Bivens
Woodlawn ESS Lead Teacher Email Brook Bivens
Miachelle Fox 706-695-2262
Northwest ESS Lead Teacher Email Miachelle Fox
Shalina Jackson 706-517-5347
Pre-K ESS Lead Teacher Email Shalina Jackson
Dawn McClary 706-517-5355
Pleasant Valley Innovative ESS Lead Teacher Email Dawn McClary
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P. O. Box 40 | 1006 Green Road | Chatsworth, GA 30705 | Phone: 706-695-4531 | Fax: 706-695-8425